Sanctuary's Latest News Update 2nd May 2008
Magnus is not eating a lot this week and spending his time sleeping by the steps in the pool or on the side of the pool. Both Fatima and Sheba have taken to winding up Snoopy this week. Lizzie is a little itchy and has nearly completed her moult. Anneka is having a lazy week and spending her time sleeping on the side of the pool in the sunshine. Snoopy is still sitting by the gate, and doing her usual moaning at everything. She is also making cleaning difficult for the Animal Care Team by refusing to move. Ray
Ray (above) has been his usual mischief maker this week during pup weighing, as he spent most of the time rolling in to the pups and the Animal Care Team. Marlin got himself in a bit of a pickle this week during cleaning, when he managed to wrap himself up in the hose pipe. Attie has been very hungry this week, and can't wait for the talking to stop so she can get fed.
Flipper has started the cage training but has only managed to get half way in the cage, at this point Yulelogs goes back in the pool and so naturally Flipper follows.

Luna has not eaten a lot this week, but the Animal Care Team are keeping a close eye on her, and her impending arrival. Sija is enjoying the extra fish not being eaten by Luna and playing with her toys. Ice blocks were also a welcomed treat this week and enjoyed by both.
Boadi - Best part of the day! Boadi has now got the hang of the feed ball and we have put it next to the viewing window. She has also been spending time sleeping on her rock and soaking up the sunshine. During the rain Boadi will eat slowly just to make sure the Animal Care Team gets really wet! Boadi - Big Yawn
Rocky is still doing well back to his normal amount of fish now and enjoying the treats of squid he is receiving. He is also back to his normal training with Animal Care Team and doing well. Sahara training is not so good, and still on his diet, maybe he is thinking 'Why should he do training for less fish...'

We thing the sponge has dissolved in Chaff's stomach acid as there is still no sign of it, and he is still eating well. Receiving lots of exercise at feed time when we throw the fish up and down the pool.
Thai and Bamboo had an argument the other morning but by lunchtime, they had made up and were the best of friends again. Spending time out singing in the rain this week, and then going to dry off in the sawdust chippings.

With the nice weather Animal Care Team decided to take the goats for a walk, Churchill and Monty refused to go and was made to get out and about. Churchill not happy at being on a walk was less happy at Priscilla (right) walking in front of him, and kept nudging her out the way.
Ponies - Bracken unhappy at the security around his paddock now, decided the only other time he could escape would be on a walk with the Animal Care Team, and that is just what he did. He didn't get any further then green grass and stopped to enjoy it, before being taken back to the paddocks. Tuppence and Muffin were good as gold, and didn't follow Bracken in 'the great escape'.

Reef, our cat, is everywhere at the moment and is defiantly up to something...
This season's rescued seal pups (2007/08)

Hospital Isolation number 1 - April is doing her best to wriggle away from the Animal Care Team during feeding time, and in a week will be weaned on to fish soup (yummy!!) She has started to lose her fur from around her face and will start to moult more quickly over the next few days.

Main Hospital - Tamsyn, in hospital pen number 2, is now off all treatment and has her pen filled will water daily, which she loves especially at feeding time, when she get to eat her fish in water. Cubert is back in the hospital pen number 3, after his short time in the outside nursery pool, due to him dropping 3 kilos in weight. Tegan, in hospital pen number 4, is recovering from her incident with the heron, and she is still receiving eye drops daily. Normally we would just throw her the fish, but with her we throw it over the wall in to her enclosure, so she doesn't see us. Read about Tegan's eye injury on the BBC's website by clicking on this link.

Nursery pool 1 - On Monday morning Clare and Amy left the Sanctuary for the drive to Heathrow, why you ask? To collect a grey seal that was flying in from Zoo Marine. Luckily when they arrived the seal was ready to go and they loaded it up and headed back to Cornwall. They arrived around 1.30am and the seal was put in to nursery pool 1. The seal is called Fabio and is a little girl she is around-about release weight, but has yet to be flipper tagged any volunteers to help restrain a 30 kilo seal?
Nursery pool 2 - Sebastian, Pedrek and Simbad are all getting on like a house on fire, Seb and Pedrek are off treatment for their ears, and it seems to have finally cleared up.
Convalescent pool - This week every one was weighed to see how close some are to release weight.

Starting with the smallest:-

In at number:-
     14 - Risk weight 21.5 kilos
     13 - Simbad weight 22 kilos
     12 - Davey weight 37.5 kilos
     11 - Hannibal weight 37.5 kilos
     10 - Baggy weight 41 kilos
     09 - Piran weight 41.5 kilos
     08 - Jenifer weight 43.5 kilos

And for the top 07

In at:-
     07 - Imogen weight 44.5 kilos
     06 - Monopoly weight 44.5 kilos
     05 - Dewy weight 46 kilos
     04 - Ludo weight 47.5 kilos
     03 - Kerplunk weight 48.5 kilos
     02 - Ellie weight 49 kilos

And finally the biggest and heaviest:-

In at number one Pedrek at an incredible 51 kilos

Log on next week to find out who has put on weight and gone up the leader ladder and the non movers.
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