Update 2nd March 2007

Magnus has nearly finished his annual moult, the patch of brown on his bottom has now gone, but he still has a little bit of brown on his nose. Magnus is always joined at feeding time by Snoopy.

Lizzie is very hungry at the moment, but is spending periods away from Atlanta.

Fatima has started moulting and can be found every morning in the middle cave in the Convalescence Pool, this means that the Animal Care Team is having to hose out all the hair that Fatima has moulted.

Sheba is still with Marlin, but she is also taking a very keen interest in all the seal pups in the Convalescence Pool.

Anneka still loves Ray, lots and lots. When Ray leaves her side, she can be found searching for him. Anneka has also got a little bit of a squint in her eye, and so is on a course of antibiotics.

Surprise, Surprise Snoopy is again grumpy this week, the reason she has started to moult! (something else for her to moan about). Snoopy can also be found sitting next to Magnus at feeding time, in the hope of extra fish. This girl can really move when she needs to and five minutes before the Animal Care Team arrive at the pool, she flops down the side of the pool to get the best seat near Magnus.

Atlanta and Lizzie are still spending time together, but when Lizzie is not by her side, Attie enjoys playing with the pups. Due to Attie’s early moult, she has started to lose some of her hair on her tummy; this could be to do with her under active thyroid.

Ray is suffering from a swollen mouth at the moment, and is receiving both antibiotics and pain relief; he is feeling very sorry for himself. We think Ray injured himself while playing with Anneka, and sometimes they can be a bit rough with each other.

Marlin is still on cloud 9, when Sheba spends some time with him, but he gets very unhappy when Sheba leaves his side, and he cannot find her.

Flotsam and Little Ed are spending lots of time together, and Flot can be found giving lifts to Little Ed around the pool, as Jet just likes to watch. When Flot is not being a taxi, he can be found singing (perhaps a new contestant for the X factor?) When Flot is singing Little Ed likes to practice his flipper stands.

Flipper and Yulelogs are both back to training are doing really well, how long this will last is anybody’s guess, as there reward is either a herring which they love, or a sardine which not so keen on and would probably go with out if they had a choice.

Rocky is very hungry this week, and his new pool now has a floor, and the brickwork has been started. Rocky likes to remind all the residents and pups that he has the loudest bark, which seems to scare the Convalescence pool, as well as Andy.

Carus who is hungry was treated to some squid, which he was completely unimpressed with. He did do some showing off this week to a school that visited the Sanctuary, by showing them how he can crunch rocks!

Mika and Chaff are both still suffering from the seal pox, but doing lots of training with the Animal Care Team. Not only can Chaff target the Animal Care Team’s hands, but they have now started training with the gate open.

Thai and Bamboo both have been sleeping in the day time when it has been raining. Thai was first back in to the water after going through what the Animal Care Team called a weird moult. Bamboo was a little more reluctant, but was soon following hot on her heals.

Our Goats: Elvis is back to his normal self-this week, but we think they may have had a few problems with a wolf or the wind. Unfortunately this week the wind blew so hard it knocked down the old shelter in their paddock, nobody was hurt and so this week the Animal Care Team are building a new all weather proof, ‘nothing will knock this building down’ shelter.

Our Ponies, Bracken and Tuppence, have started moulting, and for the second week running, the ponies have not broken out. Due to the large amount of rain, seem to gone back in at the end of the night with muddy feet, but are enjoying all the attention, as they get them cleaned.

Reef is a very happy cat this week, as after last week’s half term, the Sanctuary has less visitors.


Hospital - Main area
Cyclops, hospital pen 2, still has an ulcer in his eye, and has been put on a new course of eye drops which should clear up this problem.

Cinders, hospital pen 4, is doing ok and feeling a little better, she still will not eat in front of Animal Care Team, but if she continues to improve at this rate, she will be moved down to the outside pools in around 2 weeks time.

Common Seals Pool
All the pups have been feeding very slowly in this pool, this all changed when Rimmer arrived and with his speed he started taking all the fish, this means the pups have had to speed up, or go hungry. Pluto is still trying to improve his singing with very little success.

Convalescence Pool
We have several large seal pups in this pool, but need to wait for the pox to clear up before we release them back into the wild. All the seal pups will be having a health check and weigh in next week. Woody is having a get time during cleaning and can be found chasing the Animal Care Team around the pool.

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