Update 2nd February 2007

Magnus has been going into the water at feeding time this week, but when in the water he is getting stiff competition from Snoopy.

Fatima was again treated to conger eel this week, and as always headed straight into the cave to eat it, and guarding it like her life depended on it. She has also been a little on the quiet side, and just sitting under the surface of the water.

Lizzie and Atlanta are still the best of friends and when Attie, get out of the pool at feeding time, Lizzie will catch a lift on her back instead of swimming.

Snoopy, not only is she moaning at Magnus, for getting all the fish, but moaning at the Animal Care Team for throwing the fish in the pool and having to contend with another seal!!

Sheba is going through her moult and has gone off her fish, and her new spotty coat is looking lovely. Sheba is also not bothered that Ray is back in the convalescence pool.

Anneka is in love with Ray, after the nursery pool gates were open, and both Ray and Marlin headed into the pool. Anneka was there to meet him and as Ray did a circle of the pool, to get his bearings, Anneka and Ray were nose to nose while Ray did his greeting circle.

Flipper and Yulelog were joined in their enclosure this week by the Seal Sanctuary’s local Postman Jeremy, to launch the new grey seal stamp, as part of a collection on sea life that has been put together by the post office. Yulelog excited at something new, took quite an interest in him. At one point the headline could have read Postie bit by seal – well it would make a change from Postie bit by dog!!

Rocky entering the cageRocky will now go into the cage, and we can close the door behind him. This means he is now already for his move, which will be taking place on Monday. Rocky in the cage

Flotsam and Jetsam are still very round, and Little Ed is still doing flipper stands, but all are enjoying the company of the pups and making new friends.

Carus had his pool drained and filled again this week, unfortunately, this meant it was a time to test the Animal Care Team, and start eating the enclosure again. The Animal Care Team gave Carus a feed ball and he was happy again.

Mika has been given a toy this week, which she loves and will retrieve it when asked to. As you can see - she does wear it as a necklace.

After the fixing of Thai and Bamboo’s holt roof, the otters were surprised to have some visitors. The Animal Care Team had taken the goats for a walk, to the Otters at lunchtime, not sure what the otters thought of this? Watch this space for something new for the otters.

Mika wearing her new necklace!

The goats went for a nice long walk down to see, Bamboo and Thai this week. Elvis and Priscilla were on leads, and Churchill and Monty walking on in front of the Animal Care Team, a lot of shouting was being done at Monty and Churchill as their road sense has a lot to be desired. Those two were doing a good impression of mountain goats and kept standing on the bank, by the woods on the walk down to Otter Creek. The goats have also had the fence in the other field fixed, and now have some extra grass.

The fact that the goats have had the extra field fence fixed now means the ponies get another field and extra grass. This has pleased them, and can be heard neighing all the way down to the lush green grass in the morning.

Reef checking the unattended fish buckets for the seals Reef has been a busy cat this week, spending lots of time catching field mice, and showing the Animal Care Team, and also ventured on the goat walk earlier in the week. Reef did spend most of the time being shouted at, along with the goats, as Churchill nearly trampled on him. At 3pm, as usual, Reef stopped off for his afternoon snack while the Animal Care Team were not looking!Reef having his 3pm snack whilst the Animal Care Team's back are turn!

Convalescence and Nursery Pools
The nursery pool has now been opened into the convalescence pool, as most of the pups have now got seal pox. Seal pox normally affects a seal for up to three weeks. Mowgli and Nemo are doing really well, and have finally mastered the art of feeding and catching the fish for themselves.

With the seal pox now in this pool, we will have to wait until the infection has cleared up before releasing the pups that are up to weight back into the wild.

Some of the seal pups in the convalescence pool

Common Seals Pool
Olive, Arial, Bambi and Belle are getting on well with the Common seals (Flotsam, Jetsam and Little Ed) and have been taught how to chase sea gulls away from their enclosure!

Hospital - Main area
Chip has now come off anti inflammatories, and will come off antibiotics next week, she is also in water, and will be moved down to the pools later next week. Tigger just like her name is very bouncy and keeps dashing in and out the water, making lots of noise and doing lots of splashing. Pluto has now been moved in with Smurf; this should encourage Pluto to feed for his self. Unfortunately Smurf is not happy sharing a pen with a seal that is very vocal, and so bit Pluto on the lip. Luckily Pluto is ok, but is now a little quieter. Flik is another seal living up to her name. Unfortunately, not in a good way. Whenever the Animal Care Team try to take her temperature, it has a strange affect on her stomach, she then manages to cover her flippers in the resulting mess – it is a glamorous life for our Animal Care Team.

Eve in the isolation pen in the hospital

Hospital - Isolation

Eve has had a visit from the vet who has changed her antibiotics and her eye is now improving, and she is also starting to put on weight, she will be weighed next week.

Cyclops also had a change of antibiotics and has now got less of a runny nose, and a change in eye drops also sees his eye sight improving. He is also now self-feeding and loves his fish. The only thing is he tries to escape every morning when the Animal Care Team cleans out his pen.

Cyclops in the isolation pen in the hospital
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