Update 1st September 2006

Magnus has been enjoying the extra fish the Animal Care Team (ACT) have been giving him this week, as the other seals in the pool are not hungry. He has also been splashing the water and soaking our visitors. Magnus has also decided a change of scenery is in order and can now be found at the far end of the pool.

After five weeks of not having pups in the convalescence pool, and extra fish, the Lizzie, Sheba, Anneka, Snoopy and Atlanta have now gone off the fish after over indulging on food.

Fatima, Ray and Marlin have been enjoying the extra fish, and have definitely not lost their appetite.

Flotsam and Jetsam have both now come to the end of their moult and enjoying the extra food left over from the convalescence’s pool – especially the sardines.

Flipper is still continuing to moult, but is re-growing his hair back and has a lovely white coat. Flipper now looks like a very big seal pup. Yulelog continues to maintain the extra weight he has put on.

Pepper is not enjoying mackerel at the moment, this is properly due to her moulting and has gone off her food, and she is spending a lot of time in her cave. Rocky has been quiet this week, even during the talks that the ACT give with is quite unusual for Rocky.

Carus has been enjoying the mackerel and sardines, also has been keeping an eye on the workmen measuring up his enclosure – watch this space for the updates on what’s happening.

Mika and Chaff are both still moulting, and Mika has not taken a liking to the big mackerel, and has been trying to chuck them over the wall and out the enclosure. Chaff has been chasing the ACT while they have been cleaning their pool.

Thai has taken a dislike to Claire, and Thai still is insisting on doing the talks and getting the microphone.

Muffin is being very greedy at the moment, and all the ponies are having extra feeds in anticipation for the winter weather.

Steve McQueen of the goat world, Elvis, has been escaping again this week, but on one of his jolly’s managed to get to close to Muffin and Elvis received a kick for it.

Reef will now come up to the ACT and he does not mind if they sit with him while he has his dinner. Reef will also be having a check up this week.

Bogart and Fawn are both still in love with each other and earlier this week you could find both of them out on the haul out area, with Bogart fast asleep with his head resting on fawns belly.

Darwin is still a little bit snotty, so this week we took a swab and have sent it off, we are now awaiting the results.

‘E’ Minor is doing well and has now progressed to eating half a fish, hopefully he will move on to whole fish later in week. He is also a complete water baby and hates it when we drain and clean his pen, so much so, that the he sits in the bucket of water we leave in his pen and waits until we have refilled the pool.

'E' Minor - photo taken by Rachael Vine
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