Update 1st June 2007

Magnus has been on an adventure this week, and went so far as...the middle of the pool!! He has also been chasing Ray, who keeps coming up to play with him...

Fatima is very bright and has lots of energy this week; she has been speeding up and down the pool especially during cleaning time.

Lizzie has still got the scratch on her nose but it is healing well.


Attie is off her food this week and not very hungry at all.

Anneka and Ray have been playing chase with each other all week and even Tiger Lilly tried to get in the act by playing chase and making lots of noise, Marlin unhappy at this kept going over to Tiger Lilly to shut her up. Marlin has also been chasing Lizzie around the pool. Sheba is a grumpy lady at the moment and is doing lots of moaning.

Flotsam and Jetsam are getting really active at feeding time and doing lots of playing. Sahara is like lighting at feeding time and even fighting Flot and Jet for the fish. Sahara, we think, is growing hair as she has a very fluffy belly.

Flipper has had a change of medication and his eye is now open and improving. Flipper and Yulelog have been chasing sea gulls but also fighting with each other.


Rocky is now back in his new pool to stay, and is really enjoying the extra space and teasing the Fur seals even though he doesn't know he is doing it.

Chaff is a little intimidated by the BIG sea lion next door and is scared of him. Mika is a little braver and will even go up to the Perspex before her nerves get the better of her and she dives back in to the water. Mika is also being naughty and not doing her training this means she doesn't get any fish, as we don't reward naughty behaviour.

Carus and Boadi have been doing lots of kissing after feeding time.

The goats were treated to a walk around site by the Animal Care Team on Thursday afternoon; Monty was a little excited and ended up walking through the picnic area.

Ponies - Tuppance broke out the field but only got as far as the next field. The ponies were all impressed by the helicopter that flew over the other day.

Boadicea kisses Carus

Reef, our cat, has been having lots of cuddles with Animal Care Team and has received some battle scars from a black cat.


Convalescence Pool
Stitch, Cyclops, Mowgli and Cinders are all to be released back into the wild on Tuesday morning (5th of June 2007), leaving just five at the Sanctuary which are Olive, Eve, Boss, Pluto and Tiger Lilly.

StitchBoss Tiger Lilly
StitchBossTiger Lilly

Nursery Pool
Olive and Eve are in nursery pool 2 as they are having a few problems putting on the weight but they are increasing.

OliveCyclops Eve
Did you know that.....Each pup can cost up to 1,000 to rehabilitate, if you would like to adopt a pup
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