Update 1st April 2005

Magnus has started moulting and is still being hand fed, as is age is now against him and he has a hard trouble competing against the young pups for his fish.

Snoopy also thinks she should be hand fed and whines every feeding time, while sitting on the side of the pool.

Sheba has a little bit of a squint in one eye, and is on eye drops and antibiotics. This doesn’t affect her pulling power as she is receiving a lot of attention from Ray and Marlin.

Fatima has now finished her moult and is back in the pool to be fed at feeding time.

Anneka is enjoying lazing around the pool in the sunshine, and is unusually lethargic.

Hattie has not yet started her moult, but did enjoy chasing the film crew we had in this week.

Lizzie is very quiet, but enjoying the company of the pups.

Flotsam and Jetsam are nice and slim; Flotsam has gone off his fish and just likes to play with it. Jetsam training is going well.

Flipper and Yulelog have had a new toy introduced this week to their pool, a huge buoy. Unfortunately they thought it was a feed ball, and got upset when after half an hour, they still could not find the fish.

Rocky has started being very vocal due to the start of the breeding season.

Carus and Dips also had a new toy this week, two buoys tied together; Carus loves this and can be found throwing it around his pool.

All the residents were wormed this week.

Bamboo and Thai were treated this week to mealworms and crickets.

The ponies and the goats have been enjoying the Easter break as they are now getting extra feed from the visitors.

Thomas, our resident cat, is back to his usual self, after his illness.


The Sanctuary had another pup brought in earlier this week, making him number 45. Gannel was rescued from Newquay on Wednesday (30th of March 2005) and had netting caught around his neck, he is also a little wheeze. He is 3 months old and weighs 22.5kg; he is self feeding and is on a course of antibiotics, iron, and multi vits. Gannel also had a bad worm burden which he is having treatment for.     Dan Jarvis from the BDMLR has very kindly provided a report on the rescue, click here to read it.

Bubbles went off to the vet this week to have a tooth removed. After a persistent infection, the vet decided to remove the tooth as it showed no signs of healing. Bubbles will now spend a few days in the hospital before rejoining his friends in the round pool.

Taw is in a grumpy mood, as he is moulting. Taw has moved down to the nursery pools.

Tees, Brant and Lune have been moved to a nursery pool in preparation for their hat tagging next week.

Dee and whiske are both doing well.

Little Lew is starting to resemble a normal seal now, and is doing less bobing in the water.

All the residents in the round pool (Smokey, Ermine, Dagger, Breezie, Clyde, Dinky and Hoompah) are doing well and near their release weight.

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