GUPPY was rescued on 4th November 2001
Guppy, a rescued pup Guppy was rescued from Padstow on the 4th of November 2001. He was found to be very underweight and suffering from an ear infection in his right ear. After a full course of antibiotics, Guppy was feeling much better and had started to put on weight in the hospital.

When he had reached a weight of 20kg and was clear from infection, he was moved to the nursery pools with Weaver.

WEAVER was rescued on 8th November 2001
Weaver, a rescued pupWeaver was rescued from Porthcurno beach on the 8th of November 2001. She was not as malnourished as Guppy but had various infected wounds to her back and head.

Thankfully Weaver was very hungry on arrival to the hospital and after 24 hours of fluids to re-hydrate her, she was introduced to fish, which she ate immediately.
Weaver is a real character and is definitely the boss of the nursery pool. She can often be seen bullying Guppy and chasing him around trying to steal his fish at feeding time!

The next stage for the two pups will be to move to the convalescence pool for their final stage of rehabilitation before they are released back into the wild in a few months time.