Gigha had given birth to many pups during her years at the Sanctuary: Fingal, Sandy, Jess, Barney, Carla, Cardhu, Jura and Mara. They have all been released into the wild.

Gigha and her new pup On 30th July 2004 Gigha gave birth to her eighth pup. At 21 Gigha is an old mother but nevertheless does an excellent job. The pup is called Jura.

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Update: 29th September 2005 - Gigha has given birth again, her new pup is called Breagha (meaning beautiful in Gaelic). This is very exciting news and she is currently making the change from Gigha´s milk to fish, naturally it´s taking a while but we´re sure she´ll work it out sooner or later. Gigha is doing well, she is fairly skinny at the moment but she is feeding well and is enjoying life and interacting well with the staff. Breagha, new pup

Update: November 2005 - Sadly we have to tell you that Breagha died on Saturday 22nd October 2005. Gigha was attentive to her and raised her to weaning at 4 weeks. Sadly Breagha passed away, very unexpectedly and we are currently awaiting detailed results of her post mortem examination. Both Gigha and Lorne seemed almost unaffected by her dying, thankfully.