GANNET was rescued on 28th October 2002
Gannet was rescued from Strangles Beach, Boscastle, on 28th October 2002, only 2.5 weeks old. She had to be hauled up a 300ft cliff by the RSPCA and Coastguards.

On examination she had multiple bite wounds on her flippers, body and face and her left eye was tightly shut.
Gannett, a rescued pup
She was given a painkilling injection in the hope she would open her eye, but with the wound exceptionally close to the corner of her eye, it will take a long while to heal. It is hoped with treatment she will keep her eye.
Update: 31st December 2002 - After treatment, her eye is looking a lot better but may always be cloudy. She has a certain amount of vision, but the Animal Care Team are unsure how much she can see. She is putting on weight and is getting more exercise in the bigger pool.

Gannet will soon be ready to join the other pups in the convalescent pool.

OWAIN was rescued on 28th October 2002
Owain was rescued from Greencliff Bay, Clovelly on the 28th October 2002. He was taken to West Hatch RSPCA centre with puncture wounds to his rear flippers. After being treated, Owain was transferred to Gweek along with Gerwyn and Bronwyn to be rehabilitated with the rescued pups from Cornwall.