FRODO was rescued on 7th January 2004
Frodo was rescued on 7th of January 2004 from Guernsey, she was approximately 6 weeks old and weighed 16kg. When Frodo arrived at the sanctuary, she was malnourished with no major wounds but coughing up worms, her breathing was wheezy, which is an indication of a worm burden.
Hospital Update - Frodo now weighs 17kg and she is self feeding. She has finished her treatment and is just on iron and multi-vits. Frodo was having trouble maintaining her weight on arrival and was wormed as soon as possible. Since then she has put on weight and stopped wheezing. Once she has reached 20kg, she will be moved to the outside nursery pools.
Update 2nd July 2004 - This morning Frodo was put in with the common seals because of his thyroid problem, as you can imagine Flotsam and Jetsam were puzzled as to where this big seal had come from, and are staying at the other end of the pool well out of his reach.
Update 8th July 2004 - Frodo has spent the last week with Flotsam and Jetsam and seems to be getting on very well now. We have decided to move Frodo in with Charlie, to continue his rehab programme.