Fred Dibnah was rescued on 22nd July 2011
On Thursday 22nd July 2011, late in the afternoon, we received a telephone call about a seal at Porthgwarra near Lands End. Once again we contacted Dan, a member of our Animal Care Team, who was on days holiday and volunteering as a member of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR), we asked him to go out and take a look at the seal.

The pup was found to be around 9 months old but needed attention at the Sanctuary due to a large wound under his flipper. The pup was a good weight at
31 kilos and is receiving a course of antibiotics and pain relief.
We have named the pup Fred Dibnah.
Fred Dibnah
Fred Dibnah was chosen by Craig Hardman. Craig said "When I was growing up I used to watch him on TV and at the time he was the only famous person I knew from my home town Bolton (he also lived near my house!). Fred Dibnah brought history alive for me."
Fred Dibnah on 3rd August 2011 Update: 3rd August 2011 - Fred Dibnah is also recovering from the wound under his flipper and hopefully soon will start to put water in his hospital pen when the wound has healed a little more.

Update: 3rd August 2011 - Photo left of Fred Dibnah was taken in the hospital pool on 3rd August 2011.    Click here to see a further photo.
Update: 6th August 2011 - Fred Dibnah was moved to the outside nursery pool on the 5th August 2011, he currently weighs 31kg.

His flipper tag number is 02 (green).     Click here to see further photos.
Fred Dibnah on 5th August 2011
Fred Dibnah released back into the wild Update: 28th September 2011 - Fred Dibnah who was rescued on 22nd July 2011, had reached the 40 kilo mark and was ready for release, unfortunately the bad weather over the last few weeks had managed to scupper our plans, but thankfully with the fine weather we were all set to release him on Wednesday morning
(28th September 2011) at Church Cove.

So very early (around 7.30am) Amy and Dan loaded up Fred in a cage and headed down to the beach. At the beach with photographer (Craig Hardman) camera ready in hand, it was time for Fred to be returned to the wild.
With the morning a little dark and cloudy Craig decided he needed a better lens on the camera, so Craig headed back to his car leaving Dan, Amy and Fred waiting, but with the cage door unlocked, Fred decided he could not wait and pushed his way through the now open door and headed straight to the water.

With Amy and Dan both yelling at Craig the pup was out and on his way, Craig came sprinting down the beach and managed to get these few shots of Fred heading back in to the wild.
Fred Dibnah released back into the wild
Sheila Dibnah and Craig Hardman Update: 6th November 2011 - Sheila Dibnah, widow of the late Steeple jack
Fred Dibnah, delighted staff by visiting the National Seal Sanctuary on
3rd November 2011, paying tribute to a rescued seal pup which had been fondly named by staff after her late husband.

Mrs. Dibnah first contacted the Sanctuary after reading an article describing the rescued seal pup had been named "Fred" by the site´s assistant, Craig Hardman.
Click on this link to read the full story.

Photo (left) Craig Hardman presented Sheila Dibnah with a photo montage.

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