Florence Nightingale was rescued on 13th October 2011
On the 13th October 2011 we received a call about a seal at Kennack Sands about a pup. The pup arrived at the Sanctuary around lunch time and a clinical assessment was carried out. The pup was first weighed and found to be 17kg, but at around 4 weeks old this pup was malnourished with minor wounds, very sleepy and exhausted with breathing problems. A course of antibiotics was started and left to rest. This pup is a little girl and been named Florence Nightingale.

Click here to see photos of Florence in the hospital on 19th October 2011.

Update: 23rd October 2011 - Florence was moved outside into nursery pool 1 on the 20th October and is very noisy and shouts at the top of her voice most days.
Florence on 28th December 2011 Update: 28th October 2011 - Florence along with two other rescued seal pups, Murray and Finn, are in nursery pools 1 and 2, they are now learning to feed with competition.

Update: 23rd November 2011 - Florence is now in the convalescent pool for her final stage of rehabilitation. Florence´s flipper tag number is 08 (green).

Update: 1st January 2012 - Photo left of Florence was taken in the convalescent pool on 28th December 2011.    Click here to see further photos.
Update: 25th January 2012 - Florence was released back into the wild at Gunwalloe on 14th January 2012.
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