FIJI was rescued on 12th January 2001
Fiji was rescued from Porthoustock Quarry on the 12th January 2001. We had to get to the pup immediately as the workers were due to start blasting.

When we found her she was very malnourished and exhausted. There had been some very rough seas the previous night and it was suspected that she had been washed in by a very large wave. Luckily her rescue was simple and she has recovered well from her ordeal.
Fiji in our hospital
Update: 28th February 2001 - Fiji is at present in a nursery pool with Jamie Clogg and nearly up to her target weight of 30kg. When Fiji reaches this weight she can go to the convalescent pool.

BARRA was rescued on 8th December 2000
Barra was rescued from Penberth Cove on the 8th December. With discharge coming from his right eye, and a little underweight he was brought back to the hospital at 11pm!

Barra is one of the most aggressive animals we have had to deal with this year. Already biting one member of the team, Barra continues to attack us when we have to administer his eye drops. Hopefully, his eye will soon have healed and he will put in with the rest of the seals in the convalescent.
Barra in one of our pools