Fats Domino rescued on 13th November 2010
Fats Domino, a 4 week old male pup, was rescued from Godrevy by members of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) team and taken to the RSPCA´s West Hatch Wildlife Centre on 13th November 2010 for treatment.

In late December 2010 Fats Domino was transferred to the National Seal Sanctuary for his next stage of rehabilitation and to learn to compete for fish with other seals.
His flipper tag number is 80022 (orange).

Click here to see further photos taken on 29th December 2010.
Fats Domino
Seal Release Update: 25th January 2011 - Fats Domino along with Boo, Roz, Wellington, Dap,
Andy´s Platform and Rocket Dog were released back into the wild at Gwithian
on 24th January 2011.
Update: 13th September 2011 - Fats Domino was spotted at a local haul-out along the north coast of Cornwall on 3rd February 2011 by Simon Bone and on 6th March 2011 & 4th April 2011 by Sue Sayer. Simon and Sue are members of the Cornwall Seal Group.Fats Domino - photo taken by Simon Bone of the Cornwall Seal Group
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