Fairy was rescued on 20th September 2008

Fairy Fairy was rescued from Tintagel in north Cornwall on the 20th September 2008. This pup is 2 weeks old and weighs 17.3 kilos, she has a very bad wound to her head close to her ear, which had become infected and other wounds to her head and chin. She also has an ulcer in her right eye, which she is receiving eye drops for, we have also put her on a course of antibiotics and painkillers. Due to her age she is receiving fish soup.
She has been named Fairy after the washing up liquid, as this season they have donated some liquid for us to clean the pens and buckets.
Update: 26th September 2008 - Fairy is now in the main hospital and her eye is receiving treatment every few hours to help with the infection. Her wounds are healing and she has started to lose her white coat.

Fairy is also finding her voice and little shouts can be heard coming from the hospital as you walk by.
FairyUpdate: 3rd October 2008 - Fairy´s eye is not improving and so on Monday (5th October 2008) she will be going in to the vets to have an operation to remove it. She has no vision in that eye anyway and the infection is showing no signs of clearing up even with the course of eye drops. We still have great expectation that she will go through the rehabilitation process as normal and will eventually be released back into the wild.
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Update: 10th October 2008 - Fairy was very brave and made no fuss about going to the vets for her operation. She is recovering well but has a little bit of a sore throat from the tube. She is receiving eye drops in her other eye and the vet will check in a week to make sure that everything is fine.

Update: 24th October 2008 - Fairy is in water and the vet will be coming in to look at her eye, to decide if he takes the stitches out or just let them dissolve. She is being force fed fish and at the moment not showing any interest in the fish left in her pen. She has also had her flipper tagged with No. 002 (Red).
Fairy Update: 7th November 2008 - Fairy is now in the outside nursery pool with Hubbard, she currently weighs 19 kilos.

Update: 24th November 2008 - These photos of Fairy were taken on 15th November 2008 in the convalescent pool. Fairy is doing well and the fact she has only one eye is not proving a problem with catching fish.
Fairy Update: 12th December 2008 - Fairy now weighs 26.5 kilos.

Update: 1st January 2009 - These photos of Fairy in the convalescent pool were taken on 29th December 2008.
Pups being released - Photo was taken by Simon Bone Update: 13th February 2009 - Fairy was released back into the wild along with April, Sam, Oscar and Tyson at Porthtowan on 12th February 2009. Fairy