Fabula arrived on 28th April 2008

On Monday morning (28th April 2008) Clare and Amy left the Sanctuary for the drive to Heathrow, to collect a grey seal that was flying in from Zoo Marine. Luckily when they arrived the seal was ready to go and they loaded it up and headed back to Cornwall. They arrived around 1.30am and the seal was put in to nursery pool 1. The seal is called Fabula and is a little girl she is around-about release weight, but has yet to be flipper tagged any volunteers to help restrain a 30 kilo seal?
Update: 13th June 2008 - Fabula has had a second worming tablet and we also decided to flipper tag, her number is 30 (yellow tag).
Three on their way Update: 25th July 2008 - Fabula was released back into the wild on the 21st of July 2008 along with Cubert, Risk, Sinbad and Tegan at Church Cove.Where is everybody!