Eva Peron was rescued on 1st November 2011
On the 1st November 2011 we received a call from the Strangles near Crackington Haven, in north Cornwall, about a pup on the beach.

Members of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue team (BDMLR) went out to collect the pup, and later in the evening at around 8.45pm the pup arrived at the Sanctuary and the animal care team gave the pup a clinical assessment.

Photo (right) of Eva Peron was taken by Michelle Robinson of the BDMLR.
Photo of Eva Peron by Michelle Robinson
Eva Peron The pup was weighed and found to be 12.5 kilos and between 2 and 3 days old with a little bit of a temperature. The pup was found to be a little girl and was named
Eva Peron; she was unfortunately separated from her mother and had puncture wounds to her chin and staining to both eyes.

Update: 4th November 2011 - Eva is doing fine and feeding well on milk and getting stronger every day.

Update: 1st December 2011 - Sadly Eva had passed away in November 2011.

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