ERMINE arrived on 15th December 2004

On Wednesday 15th December 2004 Tamara and Maz drove up to Westhatch in Devon to pick up three seal pups (Ermine, Bubbles and Breezie). Ermine was rescued by Weymouth Sea Life Centre and taken to the RSPCA at Westhatch on the 14th December 2004, she was about 10 weeks old and weighed 15.5kg The pup had puncture wounds to flippers and a bad right eye. Ermine is being force feed fish and is on antibiotics, pain relief and eye drops!
Update: 26th May 2005  -  Ermine was released back into the wild along with Smokey and Clyde on the 26th of May 2005 at Port Issac wearing hat tag number 49.
Ermine - photo was taken on 27th January 2008 by Sue Sayer of the Cornwall Seal Group Update: 21st September 2008 - Ermine has been spotted many times at a local haul-out along the north coast of Cornwall by Sue Sayer, a member of the Cornwall Seal Group, who identifies and monitors local seals. Ermine in the wild, photo copyright of Sue Sayer
Here is Ermine´s visit records:- 2nd September 2005, 1st October 2005, 16th April 2006, 17th & 19th March 2007, 27th January 2008, 2nd April 2008, 10th September 2008 and 13th September 2008.