Eriska was a very tiny pup of 13kg when she was rescued from Port Gaverne on the north coast. Picked up by the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) group from the area, she was brought to the sanctuary as she was so thin and had a few superficial injuries too.

After being at the sanctuary for a number of days a swelling was seen on Eriska´s front flipper, by her claw. Xrays showed nothing. A few days later a warty lesion could be seen.
Eriska had SEAL POX!!
Eriska in one of our pools
This disease is like chicken pox for seals and many pups would have the disease in the wild and recover well. Unfortunately, pox is very contagious so Eriska´s progress has been held up a little. The staff in the hospital have had to pay special attention to hygiene as seal pox can be passed to people!

This nasty disease is just one of the reasons that we do not advise people to touch seal pups if they are seen on the beach!!

Update: 28th February 2001 - It wasn´t long before Eriska´s pox has cleared up and she was able to go outside into a nursery pool with our resident seal Ming. She immediately took to Ming and they soon became the best of friends.

After a few weeks in the nursery pool, Eriska reached the weight of 30kg and was ready for the convalescence pool. Ming has since joined her in the convalescence pool and they can often be seen playing together in the pool.

Ganilly was rescued from Portreath on the 15th October 2000 by the RSPCA. As a white coated pup, Ganilly´s mother should have been around to suckle her, but had not been seen. Too young to fend for herself Ganilly would not have survived. When she was rescued both of her eyes were ulcerated, they were opaque and tinted blue, with the third eyelids visible and swollen.

During her rehabilitation, Ganilly´s diet changed from the milk substitute she was receiving to fish which she started to eat straight away. With intensive eye treatment Ganilly's ulcers are now completely healed.
Ganilly in one of our pools
Moved outside into the convalescence pool she will now have to learn to forage in a larger environment.