Ellie - Arrived on 30th December 2007

On the 30th of December 2007, we received a telephone call about a pup that had hauled out on the beach at Porthgwarra. We called the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) team who headed out. The pup was hauled out on the slipway, in the tunnel that leads from the beach to the cliff top. We received a phone call to say that the pup looked a little thin and had a few injuries; we decided to ask them to bring the pup in. Dave and Dan Jarvis transporting Ellie to the  hospital; this photo was taken by Joyce, website editor
Ellie; this photo was taken by Joyce, website editor At the Sanctuary, the pup was weighed and found to be 18 kilos and around 8-10 weeks old. The pup was put into isolation and given a full clinical assessment. We found no wounds, but a few grazes, and other then being exhausted was in fairly good health. The pup is a little girl and has been named Ellie.
Update: 13th January 2008 - Ellie has been progressing well and putting on weight, she is a feisty little pup, and loves her fish, which she can eat all by herself.

Update: 20th January 2008 - We moved Ellie into the main hospital; she will remain in the hospital for about a week before being moved outside to the nursery pools. Ellie's flipper tag number is 019 (yellow).
Ellie in the hospital
Ellie in the convalescence pool - photo was taken on 9th April 2008Update: 8th February 2008 - Ellie has been moved to the outside pools for her final stage of rehabilitation.

Update: 12th April 2008 - This photo of Ellie was taken on Wednesday 9th April 2008 in the convalescence pool.
First OutUpdate: 23rd May 2008 - Ellie was released back into the wild on the 22nd of May 2008 along with Sebastian, Dewy, Kerplunk and Ludo.Seals being released back into the wild - Photo was taken by Simon Bone (www.cornishseals.co.uk)