Evie, Custard Cream, Emma and Ken arrived in February 2009

In early February 2009 saw the arrival of four rescued seal pups from the RSPCA´s West Hatch Wildlife Centre in Devon. The pups were transferred to the National Seal Sanctuary for their next stage of rehabilitation and to learn to compete for fish with other seals and then finally being released back into the wild.
Evie (orange flipper tag number 62023) was rescued from Crackington Haven on the 14th January 2009, she weighed 30.8 kilos but was under 3 weeks old and been abandoned by her Mum. Custard Cream (orange flipper tag number 62026) rescued from Rockham Beach in Devon, on the 26th January 2009, after being abandoned by his Mum also. Custard Cream is a bit of a fussy eater and is being assisted feeding by our Animal Care Team. Emma (orange flipper tag number 62021) was rescued from Port Gaverne on the 5th December 2008, she had puncture wounds to her flippers and was quiet, she is doing well and is now over 39 kilos.
Update: 23rd February 2009 - Emma along with another pup named Ken have now been moved into the convalescent pool with the others and we are just waiting for Custard Cream and Evie to come up to weight, but these two are having great time playing with our visitors through the underwater viewing windows.
Emma first out! Update: 28th February 2009 - Emma and Scotty were released back into the wild on 27th February 2009.   As half term is now over with, the Animal Care Team could start planning the next release. All the pups were weighed last week and Scotty and Ellie were getting up to release weight that by the following week they would have put on enough weight. Click here to read more.
Evie Evie Update: 10th May 2009 - These photos of Evie were taken on Friday 8th May 2008 in the convalescent pool. Evie
Custard Cream Custard Cream Update: 10th May 2009 - These photos of Custard Cream were taken on Friday 8th May 2008 in the convalescent pool.

Update: 8th June 2009 - Evie and Custard Cream were released back into the wild along with Harley at Porthtowan.
Custard Cream