Release of Dunlin and Cuckoo
Cuckoo and Dunlin were be returned to the wild on 17th of December 2003 after months of specialist care at the Sanctuary.

The release was going to be a bit different, as we were being helped by Orca Sea-Faris, who were letting us use their boat. This meant that we could release the seals far from any disturbances they might encounter on a beach.
The seals are loaded on board the boat
The seals were taken to a release site about a 15 minute boat ride from Falmouth. Both seals were rescued earlier this year, Dunlin was severely malnourished and lethargic, but he soon began feeding himself, and after a few weeks of intensive care he gradually put on weight.

Cuckoo was only a couple of days old and had been deserted by his mother after being disturbed by members of the public. He had been alone for some time and was very dehydrated.

They have spent a lot of time together during their convalescence learning to feed for themselves, so we felt it best to release them together as they start their big adventure in the wild!
The seals are loaded on board the boat We would like to thank Orca Sea-Faris, and hope we will be able to work with them again!

Orca Sea-Faris is a marine wildlife tour operator taking wildlife enthusiasts out around the Fal and Helford estuaries to see the wealth of local wildlife which at different times of the year includes seals, birds, dolphins, basking sharks and whales.