Dory arrived on 17th October 2010
On 17th October 2010 late Sunday evening at around about 7pm we received a call on the emergency hotline about a seal at Kynance Cove on the Lizard.

With the Animal Care Team feeding pups in the hospital, a call was placed to Dan, a member of the team, but also a member of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) who went out to take a look.
Dory The little pup, only a day old and no sign of mum, was pick up and brought back to the Sanctuary. Amy and Craig were doing night feeds and prepared an isolation pen
for the latest arrival.

This pup is a little girl and has been named Dory, she was only a day old and weighed in at 10.5 kilos (2.5 kilos below normal birth weight).

With no wounds Dory was given a course of fluids, antibiotics started and bloods taken as per usual.    Click here to see further photos on 20th October 2010.
Update: 4th November 2010 - Dory is still receiving multi-milk and has put on almost
2 kilos in weight, but still looking very cute in her white fluffy coat.

Update: 13th November 2010 - As you can see from the photo right, Dory is still in the hospital's isolation number 2 but now is beginning to moult her white coat and feeding on whole fish.
Dory - 29th December 2010 Update: 28th November 2010 - Dory is now in the outside nursery pool 2 with Francis. she is doing really well and learning to compete for the fish with Dory.
Dory's flipper tag number is 009.

Update: 1st January 2011 - Photo left of Dory was taken in the nursery pool on 29th December 2010, she currently weighs 16kg.     Click here to see further photos.

Update: 8th February 2011 - Dory currently weighs 23.5 kilos and is in
the convalesent pool.
Update: 4th March 2011 - Dory spends her days screaming at the top of her voice and chasing the other pups in the pool.

Update: 30th May 2011 - Dory was released back into the wild along with Smithy and Wall-E on the 12th May at Church Cove.
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