DAIHATSU was rescued on 8th October 1999
Daihatsu was rescued from West Wales by the RSPCA on the 8th October 1999. He was transferred here to Gweek on the 17th October 1999 for some extra attention. He is a very strong and feisty pup. His aggressive nature however, is a good sign as this typical of a healthy wild animal. He has recently been moved into the convalescence pool where he will learn how to be competitive for his food. This is the final stage in the rehabilitation before he is released. Daihatsu in our convalescence pool

ALPHA was rescued on 9th October 1999
Alpha was rescued from Traeth Llfyn in Wales on 9th October 1999. She was small for her age and had infected wounds in her front flipper. After spending a short time at the RSPCA wildlife hospital, West Hatch, she was transported to Gweek for extra care and attention.

Alpha had an abscess develop soon after her arrival which required lancing and draining. She now has troubles with her other flipper where she seems to have lost the flexion from one of her toes.
Alpha in our hospital
She has had two xrays of her flipper and they show that her joint is healing. Unfortunately Alpha has now developed an ulcer in her right eye which is why the lights are off in her enclosure. Until this is healed she cannot be moved to the nursery pools.

Alpha´s third eyelid has been injected with antibiotics which will be released into her eye over a period of time. It is now finally improving and she will receive eye drops again shortly. Alpha was released back to the wild on 15th March 2000.