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Dan Jarvis, a member of the Animal Care Team at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, will be writing regular conservation blogs throughout the season.
Rescue Season 21st September 2012 - Rescue Season
As we approach Autumn it´s time for grey seals to begin their breeding and pupping season - which for the Sanctuary signals the busiest time of the year...More>>
Watch your beach 7th September 2012 - Watch your beach
On 15th and 16th September its time for the annual "Beachwatch" event run by U.K. charity the Marine Conservation Society...More>>
Record breakers 24th August 2012 - Record breakers!
So the 2012 Olympics have come and gone with records being broken in many disciplines, so what better opportunity to see what record breakers there are in the world of marine mammals...More>>
Wildlife watching: Lizard Point 10th August 2012 - Wildlife watching: Lizard Point
There are loads of places around Cornwall that are great for seeing all sorts of wildlife, but one of my favourites has to be Lizard Point and Kynance Cove...More>>
Summer is (sometimes!) here 3rd August 2012 - Summer is (sometimes!) here
So summer has arrived, bit of a surprise I know, but with the good weather wildlife just seems be anywhere and everywhere...More>>
Sunbathing fish 6th July 2012 - Sunbathing fish?
Basking sharks should be around at the moment, although with the continued poor weather you´d be hard pressed to find them...More>>
The Seal Movement 29th June 2012 - The Seal Movement
Summer is (possibly) coming, and for grey seals that generally means it´s time to get on the move! In South West England we have a few colonies around the coast...More>>
Walk for Whale 22nd June 2012 - Walk for Whales
Sunday 8th July will see the fourth annual "Walk for Whales" fundraising event taking place from the Cornish Seal Sanctuary and everyone is welcome to join a sponsored walk through Gweek for the Whale and Dolphin...More>>
Growing your own 15th June 2012 - Growing your own
This week is all about gardening for wildlife - easier said than done you may think, but actually, changing a couple of garden habits can make a big difference to our native species...More>>
The world is your oyster! 8th June 2012 - The world is your oyster!
Friday 8th June 2012 is World Oceans Day, a global celebration of our planet´s seas and what can be found in them. Around the country you´ll find various events full of fun activities for adults and children alike...More>>
Take home message 1st June 2012 - Take home message
This week we´ll take a look at the work of the Marine Conservation Society, a U.K. based campaigning organisation that is particularly noted for its beach clean events around the country...More>>
That time of the year 25th May 2012 - That time of the year
Breeding season is in full swing now and almost everywhere you go you should see birds scurrying about carrying nesting material and taking food back for their young...More>>
Spring into Action 18th May 2012 - Spring into Action
This is the first entry in this new feature centred on conservation for wildlife, what we can do to increase our contributions to it individually and as a team, and also a chance to learn more about what is happening around us...More>>
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