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Walk for Whales!
22nd June 2012
Dan Jarvis

Sunday 8th July 2012 will see the fourth annual ´Walk for Whales´ fundraising event taking place from the Cornish Seal Sanctuary and everyone is welcome to join a sponsored walk through Gweek for the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society.

This has proven more popular each year so far and is fast becoming a favourite with local dog walkers, both of whom really enjoy the company and scenery!
Walk for Whales
The walk starts at 11am and afterwards everyone gets free entry to the Sanctuary and a free tea or coffee from our café as a thank you for taking part.

The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society is a UK-based charity that has grown into an internationally respected organisation that gives our whales, dolphins and porpoises (collectively known as cetaceans) a voice in their conservation and protection. They have many projects and petitions on a variety of issues such as whaling, bycatch, marine pollution and more, which you can see on their website at www.wdcs.org.

It still surprises me when talking to visitors at the Sanctuary that they sometimes don´t know whales and dolphins can be spotted all around the U.K. coastline.

Cornwall is certainly a hotspot for them, with large groups (called pods) of common dolphins roving through the deeper waters off the Lizard and Land´s End, while our regular group of around 8 bottlenose dolphins often come into the bays at Falmouth, Penzance, Sennen and St Ives. Minke whales and fin whales (the latter is the second largest animal in the world, up to 85ft long!) can also be seen if you´re lucky, so whenever you´re out walking the coast path it´s well worth taking a pair of binoculars to see just what else is out there! Cornwall Wildlife Trust´s Seaquest Southwest scheme (www.cornwallwildlifetrust.org.uk) would love to hear of any sightings that you make!

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