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1st June 2012
Dan Jarvis

This week we´ll take a look at the work of the Marine Conservation Society (MCS), a U.K. based campaigning organisation that is particularly noted for its beach clean events around the country.

Marks and Spencer´s recently sponsored the MCS, providing (much appreciated!) food for the many volunteers that turned up to the locally organised events during May.
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Sanctuary staff joined events at Gwithian and Gunwalloe, helping to remove rubbish that has either washed ashore or been left behind. The types of litter collected are recorded and the data sent to the MCS, who produce reports on what has been found, and the statistics are shocking, with 41kg of litter hauled away from Gwithian alone. So please remember, whenever and wherever you are, dispose of your litter properly or take it back home to dispose of there, and encourage others to do the same - it´ll help make your favourite landscapes even more pleasant to visit!

Of course not all litter on our shores has come from our shores. The Gulf Stream - the ocean current that gives us our unusually warm climate - has its origins in the Gulf of Mexico. It flows up the east coast of North America before crossing the Atlantic to Southwest England and Ireland, bringing with it all manner of debris, but also some fascinating wildlife. The Portuguese Man´O´War, although a beautiful jellyfish-like creature, is better known for its dangerous stinging tentacles and sometimes arrives on our shores. Next time you´re out on the coast, keep an eye on the strandline and you could be lucky enough to find some real gems like these!
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