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That time of the year
25th May 2012
Dan Jarvis

Breeding season is in full swing now and almost everywhere you go you should see birds scurrying about carrying nesting material and taking food back for their young.

Here at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary we have three pairs of swallows that nest in the caves of one of our seal pools every Summer. All three pairs appear to have successfully returned for another season after overwintering in Africa and can be seen throughout the day performing their signature acrobatics as they catch insects on the wing.
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In between feeding sessions the couples have also been prospecting the caves already, checking the old nests, or perhaps looking to build a new one.

Another annual visitor well known to us are the shelducks, we have at least one pair that breed in the estuary alongside our site every year, and more recently other pairs have started to join in. Last year we had three pairs and as they wander around dabbling in the mud for food when the tide is out, our visitors get great views of the ducklings running around and giving their parents a hard time!

Our visitors love to find out what wildlife is in the area to see, so it's definitely worth your while to find out for yourselves what is local to you and when may be best to see them.

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