CUCKOO was rescued on 9th May 2003
Cuckoo when rescued Cuckoo was rescued on the 9th of May 2003 from Godrevy. A very late pup of the season. It is thought that the pupping season runs until the end of March at the latest, but he is an exception, probably born of an inexperienced mother.
At only a three days old on arrival, he had to be rescued from a very popular beach, where he had been washed across the sand and ended up at the bottom of the public access steps. His mother wouldn’t have been far off, waiting in the water, but with a crowd of people around him she wouldn’t have come up onto the beach to suckle him. Unfortunately this means that he won’t get the proper start in life and he may not have survived. At the moment he is a very vocal pup, spending all day calling for his mother. Cuckoo on the 15-6-03