Fliss gives birth to 6 otter cubs - born 22nd November 2003

Fliss and Chipz together with the help of George and Jasmine have all been busy looking after the new arrivals. We have only caught quick glimpses of the cubs so far, as it is important to allow the family to have privacy while they care for their young in the safety of the holt.

However, we expect to see more of the cubs in the coming weeks as Mum and Dad will very soon begin to teach the cubs how to swim in their pond, and to take them on walks around the enclosure.
Fliss and Chipz with some of the new cubs
Fliss and Chipz give swimming lessons Update - 12th February 2004

The cubs are just starting to be weaned and are being given swimming lessons by their parents.
Update - 31st May 2004

The Otter cubs are now just over 6 months old and are almost completely independent from Fliss and Chipz. They love to play fight with each other, especially in the water.

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