Crush arrived on 13th February 2011
The Sanctuary received a call late afternoon on the 13th February 2011 from a caller at St Agnes about a pup on the beach.

Time was of the essences as high tide was fast approaching the BDMLR were closer to the pups location and quickly dispatched to the scene.

A phone to the Sanctuary and the team advised them to bring the seal to the Sanctuary, while the team prepared the pen, the pup was up lifted from the beach and on route.

At the Sanctuary the pup was weighed before a clinical assessment was started, the pup weighed 25 kilos and estimated to be around 16 weeks old.
A clinical assessment revealed the pup to have a high temperature and wound to its body, discharge from its nose and a positive stain to the left eye. A course of antibiotics was started to help fight infection and bring it´s temperature down and drops for it´s eye. The pup is a little boy and been named Crush.

Update: 21st February 2011 - Crush has now progressed from isolation in to the main hospital and is pen number one, he will confidently eat his fish and should moved to the nursery pools with in the next few weeks.

Update: 4th March 2011 - Sadly Crush had passed away on 2nd March 2011.
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