CORAL - Rescued on 12th April 2007

The Sanctuary received a call on Wednesday morning (11th of April 2007), about a seal down on Porthgwarra beach. We sent out a couple of volunteers to have a look, and by the time they arrived on the beach, the seal had gone back into the water.
On Thursday morning (12th of April 2007) the Sanctuary had another call and the volunteers headed out again, this time the seal did not go back into the water, and with it´s injuries, it was brought back to the Sanctuary. The pup was weighed and put into hospital pen 4, for a clinical assessment. The pup weighed 21.5 kilos and is around 4 months old. This pup had wounds to the rear flippers and these were cleaned and treated. It was also given fluids for the first 24 hours and has now moved on to fish, but is very sleepy.
The pup is a little girl and been named Coral.
Update: 20th April 2007 - Coral has been wormed and weighed, is now self-feeding and very hungry. She has also become very snappy, and it´s lucky we have a towel to protect ourselves. Her orange flipper tag number is 43.
Update: 18th May 2007 - It is my sad duty to inform you that on Thursday we lost Coral. After doing so well in the hospital she was ready to be moved outside to the Common Pool, which we did on Monday (14th May). By Thursday (17th May) apart from being quite a bright seal, she had lost weight over the last few days, and we decided to take her back to the hospital and give her fluids unfortunately before we could get the drip it, Coral passed away. This came as a shock as she was doing very well eating for herself. Coral will have a postmortem to determine what exactly the cause of death was.