COOT was rescued on 16th December 2002
Coot was rescued from Port Quinn on the 16th December 2002. She had minor wounds all over her body and a mark around her neck from where a plastic bag was strangling her. The Animal Care Team also found that she had a broken flipper and that it was starting to heal of its own accord. After a course of antibiotics, it is hoped that Coot will not need surgery, but she is still having regular x-rays just in case.

PUFFIN was rescued on 19th December 2002
Puffin was rescued on the 19th December 2002 from Porth Gwidden at St Ives after being found in an extremely malnourished state. He also had puncture wounds to his right shoulder. When his wounds had healed and he was off treatment, he soon put on weight. He is now in the pool with other pups and is always at the front of the queue at feeding time!

OWAIN was rescued on 28th October 2002
Owain was rescued from Greencliff Bay, Clovelly on the 28th October 2002. He was taken to West Hatch RSCPA centre with puncture wounds to his rear flippers. After being treated, Owain was transferred to Gweek along with Gerwyn and Bronwyn to be rehabilitated with the rescued pups from Cornwall. On the 4th of April 2003 he was successfully released off the North coast after taking a little longer than the others to put on weight.