CLIFFORD was rescued on 22nd January 2005

Clifford for rescued from Porthchapel, near the Minnack Theatre, on 22 January 2005. He was rescued by Tamara, Marianne Fellows from our Animal Care Team and Dan Jarvis (BDMLR).

Clifford was approximately 12 weeks old but weighed just 18.5kg. He too had a respiratory infection, sand scratches to the surfaces of both eyes, with numerous deep bite wounds to his flippers and nose and appeared very lethargic. He has been given antibiotics, pain relief and eye drops and is making a steady recovery.
Update 11th May 2005 - Clifford along with Tees and Don were released very early on Tuesday of 10th May 2005 off the north coast. The release went very well and unusually the three seals all went out together and spent 20 minutes exploring their new environment side by side.