Claw arrived on Boxing Day 2004
Claw, in our hospital Claw arrived on Boxing Day from St Agnes, he weighed 20.5 kg and was around 10 weeks old. He was examined and found to have a slit in his rear flipper.
Claw was rescued by the BDMLR, click here for the story of the rescue in their own words.

Update: 20th March 2005 - On 18th March 2005 we released three of our pups back to the wild. Claw, Kenn and Dart had been hat tagged a few days ago ready for the release. Dart and Kenn sat very still-ish to have their hats fitted. Claw was not as accommodating and wriggled so much that his hat wouldn´t stick. We left the Sanctuary and headed for the release site. First out was Dart who headed straight down the beach towards the water, next was Kenn who was reluctant to come out the trailer and then finally Claw. Claw went passed Kenn who was taking his time and got his flippers wet.
Claw about to be released Kenn about to be released Dart just released

Photos of Dart, Kenn and Claw being released!