Cornish Medics kept busy over festive weekend

Following a call from the National Seal Sanctuary this morning (26th of December 2004), Coordinator Dave Jarvis and Medics Lesley Jarvis and myself picked up a grey seal pup from RSPCA Officer Felicity Cross at St Agnes, which had been uplifted by her from a nearby beach. It had a split in its left rear flipper and a snotty nose but otherwise appeared healthy. Felicity also picked up another pup (Kenn) on Christmas day from Portreath, which is just down the coast from St Agnes. Both pups are now in the Sanctuary Hospital.

Meanwhile, Medic Caroline Curtis was also contacted by the Sanctuary this morning regarding a pup a St Buryan, near Land´s End. After watching the apparently healthy pup for a while, it went back into the water.

Medic Dan Jarvis
British Divers Marine Life Rescue
West Cornwall