Cinders - Rescued on 24th February 2007

Cinders was rescued on the 24th of February 2007 from Boult Beach at Gorran Haven. The pup had wounds to it´s flippers and body, and was malnourished, and so it was decided to bring the seal back to the Seal Sanctuary.
Cinders in the hospital - photo was taken by Rachael Vine on 26th February 2007 Due to the length of the pup, it was put into the main hospital pen 4 and given a full clinical assessment. The pup had wounds to its body and flippers and these were cleaned and treated with antibiotic spray.

We also stained it´s eye and found it to have an ulcer in one of them which, we started treatment with a course of eye drops. This pup is malnourished at only 21 kilos and is around 12 weeks old. This is a female pup and we have named her Cinders.
Hospital Update : 26th February 2007 - Cinders is being force feed her pill hidden in a fish, and the other fish is left in her pen for her to eat. Cinders will not eat in front of the Animal Care Team, and will wait until she is on her own before she eats it.
Hospital Update : 16th March 2007 - At the beginning of the week, Cyclops was going a little bit nuts on his own, so the Animal Care Team put him in with Cinders, as we were waiting on the second bloods to be clear before moving them both to the outside pool. Bloods came back clear and so on Wednesday (14th March 2007) Cinders and Cyclops were taken down to the outside Common Pool.
Hospital Update: 23rd March 2007 - Cinders has now been moved from the common seal pool into the convalescence pool.
Her orange flipper tag number is 41.
Ready for the off  - Photo was taken by Rachael VineUpdate: 8th June 2007 - Cinders was released back into the wild on the 5th of June 2007 along with Stitch, Cyclops and Mowgli. Free - Photo was taken by Rachael Vine