Seals delay Christmas dinner - 2004


While everybody is sitting down to Christmas dinner, pudding and wine surrounded by friends and family. Spare a thought for the Animal Care Team at the National Seal Sanctuary who will be sharing their festive dinner with the resident seals.


Tamara Cooper and Marianne Fellows, part of the Sanctuary´s Animal Care Team, will be spending the day caring and feeding the 24 pups, plus the 17 resident seals and sea lions,

4 goats, 2 Dartmoor ponies, 2 short clawed Asian otters and 1 cat!


´Christmas Day will start very early for us both, with preparing of the fish,

then feeding and medicating all the pups in the hospital and clean their pens.

After the hospital, we feed seals and sea lions, goats, ponies and otters.´ Said Tamara


Not only are Tamara and Marianne doing all this, but they will be on call over the holidays for any pups that may need the Sanctuary´s help.


The Sanctuary will be closed on Christmas Day to the public,

but will be open again on Boxing Day. 

So if anybody is visiting, please wish Tamara and Marianne a "Merry Christmas".