CHIP - Rescued on 15th December 2006

On Friday the 15th December 2006 the Sanctuary received a telephone call from a member of the public about a seal pup that was on some rocks near Padstow. We sent one of our volunteers out to have a look and just check it out. Next we received a telephone call from the volunteer to say that someone had moved it onto the beach and the seal had a cut on its chin and a possible broken jaw. Due to the hospital being full, the seal had to be taken to a Vet in Newquay to be held overnight.
The seal was then transferred to the Sanctuary on Saturday morning (16th of December) and given a clinical assessment. The pup was put into isolation 1 and found to be a pup around about 5 weeks of age. It did have a possible broken jaw and will be taken to the vet on Monday (18th December 2006) for an x-ray. This pup weighed 17 kilos and is a little girl. We have called her Chip. Photo of Chip was taken by Rachael Vine on 16th December 2006
Hospital Update: 22nd December 2006 - Chip’s x-ray has come back and the Animal Care Team have confirmed a broken jaw. Chip had to have two teeth removed and a piece of the jaw bone and the jaw is now secured in its place with some wire. The wire will be in place for around 4-6 weeks to stop any movement. She is doing very well and is now self feeding.
Chip in the hospital - photo was taken on 29th December 2006 Update: 31st December 2006 - These photos of Chip were taken on Friday 29th of December 2006 in the main hospital. Chip in the hospital - photo was taken on 29th December 2006
Hospital Update: 12th January 2007 - Chip is doing really well and has been seen by the vet, who has seen the improvement in his jaw and has arranged for him to have the wire removed in about 7 - 10 days time.
Hospital Update: 26th January 2007 - Chip had a trip to the vets this week, to have his wire removed from his jaw. The procedure went without a hitch and he will be kept dry for the next few days and on Monday (28th January 2007) the Animal Care Team will start filling his pen with water.
Chip in the hospital - photo was taken on 3rd February 2007 Update: 3rd February 2007 - Chip has now come off anti inflammatories, and will come off antibiotics next week, she is also in water, and will be moved down to the pools later next week. Chip in the hospital - photo was taken on 3rd February 2007
Hospital Update: 9th February 2007 - Chip has now been moved out of the hospital and down into the common seal pool.
His orange flipper tag number is 27.
Hospital update: 16th February 2007 - Chip along with Tigger has been moved from the common seal pool into the convalescence pool.
Update: 13th May 2007 - With the tides right on the morning of Tuesday 8th of May 2007, we decided it was time to release a few more seals back into the wild. At 8am, we loaded up Chip along with Rimmer, Flik, Magnet, Smurf and Pudey and took them for the 10 minute drive to the release site. The surf was a little higher than we expected, but the excitement coming from the seals in the trailer meant it was time to say goodbye. We lowered the trailer door down and with little hesitation, the open sea called and they were off flopping down the beach and into the water.
Click on this link to watch the video of the release.