CARWEN was rescued on 8th October 2002
Carwen was rescued from Porthcawl in Wales on the 8th of October 2002, by the RSPCA and was transferred to the Sanctuary. He was a good weight, but he had a slight cough. Apart from which he was a fine. He has his pool filled daily and loves to swim around it.

Warbler was rescued by the Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and flown to Plymouth Airport where the animal care team collected her.

Warbler was malnourished and only weighed 15.5kg. After being stabilised, she was transferred to the Sanctuary for constant observation.
Warbler, a rescued pup
She is an extremely vocal pup (hence her name) very bright and curious about all that is going on around her. This makes it difficult for the animal care team as she creeps up behind them and bites their wellingtons.