Staff at the National Seal Sanctuary in Cornwall are mourning the loss of one of their most popular residents, Carus one of our Patagonian Sea Lions. Gentle giant Carus, who weighed a staggering 52 stone, had seemed initially to be recovering well from a tricky 'prolapse' operation…but went into a sudden steep decline and died overnight on Monday (28th January 2008).
The 26-year-old Sea Lion arrived at the Sanctuary when still very young, his move helping to ease an overcrowding problem at the wildlife centre he was born at in 1981.

By far the biggest animal at the Sanctuary, he proved to have a personality to match, and soon beguiled staff and visitors alike with his passions for swimming and sunbathing, his very vocal pleas for extras at feeding times, and his devotion to his female partners.

A quest to find him a new mate after the death of his partner-of-15-years Dipsy, made national news headlines in the spring of 2006.
He was finally joined in April 2007 by a new mate Boadicea, from Dudley Zoo, and the pair quickly bonded.

Boadicea is already missing big cuddly Carus, and is under close observation to make sure the stress of his absence does not affect her own health.
Carus kissing BoadiceaTamara feeding Carus on his favourite rock
"We try not to have favourites here at the Sanctuary," said Manager Sarah Vine, "but Carus was such a big character in every sense that he stole all our hearts long ago, and we're devastated that he's gone".

"Our only consolation is the knowledge that we gave him the best home and the best life we possibly could have given him, and we're sure he was happy here."

For more details, please contact Rachael Vine on 01326 221361 - Press Release date: 30th January 2008

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