Reptiles and Cars visit Sanctuary
The National Seal Sanctuary will be hosting a week long event with a charity based in the Midlands.

Proteus Reptile Trust, which takes care of sick, injured, and unwanted reptiles, will be visiting the Sanctuary from the 2nd to 6th of August 2004. There will be display boards that shows some of the cases they have dealt with at their centre, and they will also be bringing some of the creatures they have rescued.

"This is an ideal opportunity for anybody with a snake or reptile phobia to confront their fears" said marketing assistant, Rachael Vine. "Staff from Proteus will be ready to answer any questions about keeping such animals and will be giving out free fact sheets" added Rachael.

Also paying a visit this week on the 5th of August 2004 is a local car enthusiasts club. The South West Cornwall 2CVERS will be driving from their club based at Wendron on Thursday morning at 9.30am to the Seal Sanctuary.

Event organiser and member of the club Elizabeth Moore has been an owner of 2 CVs ever since she passed her driving test some 15 years ago.

"There will be over 150 cars making up the convoy from Wendron, and we will arrive at the Sanctuary at 10am where they will be all day."

"This is a great day out for everyone, where there will be every type of 2CV made by Citroen on display"

For the rest of the Sanctuary it is business as usual looking after the resident seals and sea lions before the new pup season starts in September.