BUNTING was rescued on 30th November 2002
Bunting was rescued on the 30th November 2002 from Porthcressa Beach, St Mary´s, Isles of Scilly.

After his initial examination, Bunting was found to have only minor wounds and was moderately malnourished.
Bunting, a rescued pup
The Animal Care Team believe that he had probably only hauled out because of the rough weather at the time. Unfortunately, because a member of the public had handled Bunting, the only option was to hospitalise him. In hindsight, Bunting should have been left to brave the weather and there was no real cause for concern over his safety.
Bunting was very difficult to handle in the hospital, refusing to eat for himself. After a couple of weeks of having the pool filled, trying to encourage him to eat, he started to feed very well and now has put on enough weight in order to be transferred to the nursery pool.

PEWEE was rescued on 24th November 2002
Pewee was rescued from Penberth by the RSPCA on the 24th November 2002. He was found in a malnourished state, weighing only 14.5kg at approximately 8 weeks old. He had a few superficial wounds to his flippers and muzzle and a deeper wound just below his left eye. His wounds have almost healed now and he no longer needs to be on antibiotics.

Pewee started to eat whole fish for himself within a day of being in the hospital and progressed down to the nursery pool faster than any of the other pups. When Pewee reaches 30kg he can be transferred to the convalescent pool; and at 40kg, can be returned to the sea.