BRAMBLE was rescued on 25th November 2003
Bramble was found in Porth Meor In St Ives by the RSPCA on the 25th of November. They rushed him over to the seal sanctuary hospital.

Upon arrival it was clear that Bramble was very malnourished and had a collection of nasty wounds on his rear flippers. He was immediately put on a course of antibiotics and his wounds were tended to. Since than we have been feeding him and dressing his wounds round the clock.
BRAMBLE - Rescued 25th November 2003
His wounds are slowly starting to heal and his appetite has sky rocketed with him eating his fish without any help from us.
After only a couple of weeks in the hospital Bramble learnt to feed himself and once his wounds healed he was given the all clear to be moved to the nursery pools.
Update 10th April 2004 - Bramble´s stay at the sanctuary was relatively short as he soon became the largest seal pup in the convalescent pool and it was obvious he was ready for his release back to the wild on 8th April 2004 weighing a healthy 52 kilos.