When Boadicea met Carus

On the morning of 25th of April 2007, it was time for Boadicea and Carus to meet, so Carus was detracted with some fish, while Animal Care Team undid the gate to let Boadicea in. The gate was removed and she went straight into the pool, this then got the attention of Carus who headed straight for the water to see what was happening. Carus jumped into the water, and was met by another sea lion.

The Animal Care Team was still throwing Carus fish in the pool, which Carus dived after, but was met by a quicker sea lion. Carus unimpressed with this went and sulked in the corner for ten minutes, before giving Boadi a second chance at being a friend. Luckily things went a lot better this time, and there was lots of playing and kissing in the water.
Boadicea Nose to Nose Together
Boadicea Together Hello!
Boadicea is settling in very well, and is feeding very well enjoying the sprats, mackerel and herring. Carus is still concerned that she is receiving more fish then him, and so will keep a close eye on her.