BLODWYN was rescued on 8th October 2002
Bronwyn was rescued on the 8th of October 2002 from Milford Haven, Wales after being found wounded and emaciated. She spent a while at RSPCA West Hatch before being transferred to Gweek once she could feed for herself. She is gradually putting on weight and in a month or two, can hopefully be returned out to sea.

MAIR was rescued on 27th October 2002
Gerwyn was rescued on the 27th of October 2002 from Rossilli, South Wales. He had hauled out because of bad weather and had numerous bite wounds to his body. He was also very snuffly and his lungs sounded crackly. Gerwyn had to have a worming injection as he started coughing again once he was transferred to the convalescent pool, and he is now on the road to recovery.

GOOSE was rescued on 18th February 2003
Goose a rescued pup Goose was rescued on the 18th of February 2003 from Lamorna Cove near Newlyn. He had various puncture wounds to his body and a scratch on his eye. A few days after he was brought in, he also managed to cough up some lungworms. He ate well for himself since the first fish had been offered to him and continues to eat well with all the other pups in the main pool. A few more kilos and he will be ready to be released.