BLENNY was rescued on 27th May 2002
Blenny, a rescued pup Blenny was rescued from St Ives on the 27th of May 2002. He was malnourished upon rescue, but had no other obvious injuries or illnesses. Reports had been made by the public that he had been hauled out for 3 days, refusing to go into the water. Although seals naturally haul out, they usually haul out in areas where they will not be disturbed and often return to sea after each tide. Blenny by this time had missed a fair number of tides and also appeared quiet.
Blenny was brought back to the sanctuary where we could carry out blood tests to see if he had any underlying infections or problems which were debilitating him in some way.
He will be housed here in this nursery pool where we hope to fatten him up and release him as soon as possible.

MARLIN was rescued on 29th January 2002
Marlin was rescued from Sennen Cove on 29th of January 2002. He was very malnourished and was found with netting around his body. Luckily, the netting had caused no injuries so it was just a case of putting weight on him. Marlin took to eating fish for himself very quickly and soon piled on the pounds in the hospital.
However, when he was transferred to the convalescent pool with the other pups, the animal care team soon realised that something was wrong. Marlin did not feed very well and he seemed to shy away from the other pups if they were near him. He started to lose weight and so the vet was called. Our suspicions were confirmed, unfortunately Marlin is completely blind.

He is now in a smaller pool with two other pups so that the animal care team can control the amount of fish he receives and monitor him more closely. As Marlin´s blindness would appear to be congenital he would not be able to find fish in the wild, unfortunately this means Marlin cannot safely be released. The animal care team are now working at getting Marlin used to being handled to make any husbandry procedures such as weighing and administrating medication less stressful.