Biffy Clyro in the Wild

Photo of Biffy Clyro was taken in the wild on 21st August 2013 Anna Cawthray from the St Martin´s Dive School in the Isles of Scilly had left a message on the Cornwall Seal Group´s facebook page saying "we saw this seal pink tag No. 138, very distinctive markings on her face.   Do you recognise her?"

Sue Sayer of the Cornwall Seal Group replied that Dave from BDMLR and Dan from Gweek both thought that the tag was probably red. Sue also said that the red tags do have white numbering. Red tag 138 was Biffy Clyro.

Sue added that Biffy was last seen at West Cornwall haul-outs on 20th May 2013, so he is another Isles of Scilly Cornwall seal link!

This amazing photo of Biffy Clyro was taken on 21st August 2013.

Thank you to St Martin´s Dive School for sharing this with us.