Bianca, a Portuguese seal, photo was taken by Rachael VineIn early August 2005 we had a new seal arrive at the sanctuary who was flown all the way over from Portugal and we believe originally came from Cornwall.

Her name is Bianca and she was rescued with injuries caused by being stuck in fishing gear from the Peniche region of Portugal.
Bianca was also very under weight, weighing in at only 14kg (ideal weight for seals released at the sanctuary is 50kg). She started her rehabilitation at Zoomarine where they discovered Bianca had swallowed a fishing hook. Zoomarine's animal care team introduced Bianca to antibiotics to help fight any infection and made their first attempt to remove the hook from her tummy. They did this by administrating cotton wool balls (placed in the fish), that would coat the hooks edges allowing Bianca to pass the hook as naturally as possible without causing her any harm.
Bianca then started to put on weight after being fed on a diet of Capelin, Blue whiting, Atlantic Herring, Sprat, Horse Mackeral, Mackeral and Squid. She now weighs over 60kg.

Bianca was flown over from Portugal by British Airways to Heathrow, where our animal care team picked her up and brought her down to us here at Gweek. Bianca will be released after the busy summer season has ended.
Bianca - photo was taken on 23/09/05 by Joyce Williams
Bianca - photo was taken by Rachael Vine
Update: 16th October 2005 - On 14th October 2005 the Sanctuary said goodbye to Bianca and Wey. Due to the good weather, it was decided that they would be released at Port Gaverne, Near Port Issac in North Cornwall. Bianca slept until we arrived just outside Port Issac, she woke up after smelling the sea. After getting the trailer on the beach and opening the door, they were gone. There was no looking back for either Wey or Bianca as they headed out to deeper water.