BETTY was rescued on 6th January 2000
Betty was the first rescued pup of the new millennium! Brought in from Lamorna near Lands End on 6th January 2000, she was suffering from malnutrition and some problems with her flippers.

Her back left flipper has a small wound just over the knuckle bone. Some form of infection has taken hold and her joint is very swollen and full of pus. She is receiving antibiotics specifically for bone infection, painkillers and her wound has been swabbed and sent for analysis.
Betty in one of the isolation pens
After being tubed some vital fluids, she is now being moved very slowly onto a fish diet. She enjoys her food and takes her time chewing on the mackerel very slowly! Once Betty started feeling better her appetite grew and she started to pile on the pounds. She has been moved out of the isolation unit and into the hospital. Her weight now is 22kgs! Betty was released back to the wild along with Soapy, Mohegan and Ronan on 13th March 2000.

MOHEGAN was rescued on 30th December 1999
Mohegan was rescued on the 30th December 1999 from Kynance Cove. He again was underweight weighing 17kg.

He had a very high temperature that was quickly reduced by extensive fluid therapy and he also had some wounds, some of which were very deep exposing bone tissue. These were cleaned daily with cleaning solution and he was given a course of antibiotics.
Mohegan in one of the isolation pens
He quickly regained his aggressive behaviour and it became quite a struggle to clean his wounds. Luckily they cleared up really well and he was moved to an outside nursery pool within a couple of weeks. He reached the last stage in rehabilitation on the 29th of January 2000 by moving into the convalescence pool. The next move will be back out into the wild. Mohegan was released back to the wild along with Soapy, Betty and Ronan on 13th March 2000.

TEGAN was rescued on 23rd December 1999
Tegan was rescued on 23rd December 1999 from Perranporth on the north coast. She was malnourished and had a fishing hook through her left eye lid. Once she had been given some fluids and some painkillers, the vet carefully removed the hook and was pleased to report there was no damage to the eye. The left eye however, had a bacterial infection which required antibiotic eye drops. On further examination it was found that Tegan also had advanced infection in her gums and around her teeth. Washing her mouth with warm water gently every 4 hours, antiseptic spray was then squirted onto her gums to help her mouth to heal.Tegan in one of the isolation pens
Tegan recovered very well from this injury and starting feeding straight away. She is a very confident pup and had no problems when she was moved into the convalescence pool. Tegan was returned to the wild along with Lada, Elijah and Mambo on 2nd May 2000 at Church Cove in Gunwalloe.